About Us

Malaysia Loan has a different approach to sobering up its own people during a rave party. As much as we’d like to entrust you with your own money, you should also know who we are and why we are here.

Although ML (Malaysia Loan) is here on the web and ML has provided information regarding several type of loan such as home, business and personal loan  to the public only beginning March 2008. Being the not-pioneer of a consultancy firm that offers insights on how to manage your money well, ML has brought a different approach to money rather than just the simple РChange your lifestyle and save more money during rainy days.

ML’s approach into taking money seriously is proven success when businessmen, individuals and government officials alike come to ML to seek personal advise on their money. Charging NOTHING at all, ML is a free-for-all organization that makes NO PROFIT into sustaining their business.

Only to find out that ML’s organization is then later filled with skillful, talented and Platonic volunteers.

Main Section

  1. Malaysia Home Loan Section
  2. Malaysia Business Loan Section
  3. Malaysia Property Section
  4. Malaysia Will and Trust Section

What could be said more?

We’re a small organization, catered to help Malaysians manage their money better.

Your cost?

10 minutes of reading and RM1.00 of phone calls to ask for more information.

Feel Free to Contact Us

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