Malaysia Base Lending Rate-BLR Historical from 1980 to 2010

Interest Rate VS Year

Malaysia BLR Historical 1980-2010

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9 Comments to BLR Historical

  1. sing

    this is very good data !. kudos for publishing it.

  2. juliana

    a very useful info for me to do my research on this topic

  3. firdaus m sobri

    thanks 4 de info but do this page disclose the BLR monthly rate from 2005-2010>?if does can anyone notify me at in advance..

  4. housing loan

    what is the base lending rate in year 2011 in Malaysia?

  5. Elvin

    I’m doing some research and reports. Really thanks for the info and these useful data.

  6. Marcus L.

    Very Bad..Najib have raise OPR by 25 basis point and that effective 16 May, the BLR will rise also(to 6.8!!).
    He keep saying our BLR very low!! and economy getting better(very frustrated as our salary doesn’t shoot up that fast as he does changes).
    Keep seeing the Steel and Bricks(any construction materials) getting more heavy tax for every 3 months, causing house prices to shoot up like rocket…
    And Star Newspaper today, 6 May, predicted willl need to rise another 2-3 times for BLR.
    Najib said our ringgit malaysia getting stronger against USD.
    Yes meh, isn’t USD getting weaker faster than Malaysia!
    If compare to Australia currency, our currency is actualy growing smaller.
    For example, now AUS (RM 3.5 per aussie dollar) to before Najib took over was only AUS(RM 1.8)!
    Really 1 Malaysia boleh…

    • Yusof

      Thanks for the update.

      MARCUS i am not pro NAJIB. It is my interest to monitor economic indicators most of the time. To me your comment is unfair by blaming the administrator for revising the rates. I guest you are not sure how Monitory policy work right?. I hope you buy some basic economy books to enrich your knowledge. Revising rates, the inflation rates, taxes, Foreign Exchange (FOREX) are among the economic variables that the administrator have to juggle in order to keep the economy stable. The Gabenor of bank Negara is responsible to monitor the economic pulse and recommend the government for any corrective actions.

      Inflation is most of the time driven by market force. Not until recently Inflation cause by shortage of supply of commodity. Many blaming the government for reducing the oil subsidy that eventually cause ripple effect to the increase of goods and services. 10% increase in oil prices will cause increase in services and goods including roti canai by 40%. Does it make sense blaming the government while trader and restaurant owners who benefited most get away with it?…

      Do you know the government have to borrow, in order to provide subsidy and most benefited from the subsidy is not the poor but the rich. The government budget deficit is already a decade long and EPF savings is depleting. Do you know what is the government source of income? Yes Definitely you said PETRONAS!….

      Majority of it shares hold by the government. But the company also have to responsible to minority share holders that held 60% of the shares. The government have no right to use indiscriminately Petronas resources. The government only enjoy royalty, taxes and dividend from the company. ( Do you aware of that, please read Petronas Financial Report). Who is the 60%?, if you invested in any trust fund than you probably one of them.

      If you one of the share holder do you allow the government use all Petronas Income to pay subsidy?

      MARCUS, what is the point of saying USD getting weaker compare to RM which is negative, if Najib have option to say it the other way round which is positive – if the bottom line is the same? If you are NAJIB you definitely doing the same right?

      PKR has said, ones PKR become the government. Toll system will be abolish and everyone can use highway for free?. Do you know who is the major share holder of PLUS? EPF right, an who is EPF members?… PKR Smart right? Do you think they can manage the economy if the simple logic is miss understood?

      Yes compare to Australia our RM is smaller, do you know the exact reasons why?.. You quote it wrong when you said when Najib took office the rate is 1 OZ dollar = RM 1.8 ………. “our just want want to tell the whole world that NAJIB is Idiot …. but than again i am not politician let facts be facts do not change the fact because of politics

      • SUNSHINE


        Yusof, we need more people like you to explain the economic side of things because people like Marcus does not study economics in school.


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