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What’s the most headache things when you going to face end of the month? All the bills such as phone bill, electric bill, electric bill, car installment, credit card outstanding, home loan installment and etc. For the majority, a mortgage or home loan is the single largest financial commitment that could have and it probably hovers around us for the next 30 years. Do your own calculations now please… it probably will close up to 40% of your total income. If you’re still serving a 5% to 6% annual interest on your home loan, i highly recommended you to refinance your home loan now to enjoy a interest around 3.55% in the market. Beside that, if you’re still paying your minimum payment for your credit card and personal loan, GO and refinance and cash out to settle them… YOU are letting bank to earn your interest.. up to 9% for personal loan and 15% for your credit card…. CANCEL your credit card now and spend money wisely…

Try to use the refinance calculator to help you..

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