How much money you want, ah?

Lending money to a family member may and may not be the best thing in the world, but how can you protect yourself from such incidents when you REALLY need to give them some cash to survive, but still expect them to give you back?

No, ML teaching you to be an “Ah-Long”. Simply realizing that during economic turmoils like what we see today, money could be a sensitive issue. Even among family members, it’s common to see family ties break off due to a simple thing called money.

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You could be reluctant to lend your friends or family members money, sometimes. Unfortunately, we were brought up in a culture where family always comes first – And nothing should come before that. Many of us could feel it in Malaysia already – Businesses closing down, people are spending less, the clubs are getting less crowded, the people’s buying power is getting lower, etc. But when your relative needs your monetary help, what can you do to protect yourself from it?

Before you go about lending money to anyone at all, and feel that you want your cash back, here are some things to keep in mind:


  1. Can you even afford to cash in that amount of money (requested)?
  2. Can you afford to survive without that money?
  3. Can the borrower pay you back your money in the designated time?
  4. Do a quick flashback. Do you have a similar experience to lending money to your family members? Did they pay you back?
  5. What is the borrower going to do with the money?
  6. Will the money be well worth spent?

In order to fully exercise your rights in the law, you’d need a written note with all the terms.

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