Mommy, I need money..

Remember that phrase? We’re not going to ask money from our parents this time, but rather ask them how are they financially stable. Young adults should stick to these questions well, change it as they deem fit. Here are our skeletal questions.

Discovering Mom and Dad’s financial activities is simple – But never judge them by what they look. In our months of exploring into many industries, businesses, families and individuals, MHL has seen enough — Damage were done, the rich became poor, poor became rich and some poorer, unfortunately.

As young adults, we need to discover our family’s financial health, even though we’re already on our own. And as they speak of growing you up till the day you’re sitting on your desk reading this article today, you should be concerned and sure that you need that sort of confidence that Mom and Dad can be financially healthy, or you’ll have to be the next breadwinner.

Here are the skeletal questions that will guide you through your questionnaire:


  1. Assess their current property(s) and estate(s) that they own.
    If your parents own a plot of land, a house or maybe a few condominium lots out there, be sure to remind them to constantly assess its value and keep track of whatever income/expense there might be.
  2. Are their insurance policies really working and beneficiaries stated properly?
    Insurance policies, EPF volume and current networth of their finance are very important especially for their retirement. Make sure they have it all sorted out to suit themselves, well protected.
  3. Have they written their will?
    This is a hard question, so don’t go direct or you may end up in an argument. Try to be indirect at first by saying things like, “I’d want to split my left-behinds to all of my children when I die. I’m willing to write my will as soon as possible..”
  4. Do they have any ‘special’ concerns?
    Sometimes, bad planning or a flawed background of finance may lead to a somewhat disastrous future. If your parents have any ‘special’ concerns regarding their life expectancy or guarantor status, lay them all out in a paper and sort them out one by one, immediately.
  5. How much do they have for retirement and what do they plan to do?
    Retirement is not necessarily daunting, but it can be manipulated in such a way where they are cash-cow targets. Do they need your support, or they will outlive themselves and invest in something else?
  6. Do they have appropriate medical coverage or insurance?
    Do they adequate medical coverage or expenses should anything happen? What would they need to plan now for the future?

Excellent financial planning for the future is of upmost importance, regardless of age and sex.

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