Darling, I’ve been unfaithful…

Yup, the truth is sure difficult to handle. But we’re not love gurus and not talking about relationship kind of cheating here. We’re talking about, “What happens when your spouse OVERSPENDS behind your back,” only after you discovered; and that ‘Nasi Telah Menjadi Bubur’?

What could be worse than a cheating spouse? A spendthrift one. Worse if you have 2 of these same monsters lurking around your house. As if you don’t know them. Nevermind that, at least the gambling diseases don’t pop up during our worst.

One of our visitors today told ML his problems about his spouse – Which isn’t entirely only his spouse’s mistakes, but a problem both of them never solved. Worse, she continued burning more money along the way, thinking that things would get better after a while. Our friend, Edmund*, almost cried when he told us his problem. At the end of the day, we have no choice but to send him to AKPK (Agensi Kaunseling dan Pengurusan Kredit).

In marriage, breach of trust is something we all would least expect to happen. In the event of matrimony, an invisible bond has been created between both people and yes, it should not be torn under any circumstances. For any case possible, it’s always better to have two minds figuring out how to combat a problem (and best of all, the person who you could trust best) rather than just keeping to yourself and consolidating or ignoring.

One of ML’s associates, Jason Lii, has always been advising people to ‘take it slow’ during marriages, and combat addiction to spending.

“Many of us are bound to addiction, nonetheless trapped in a certain pleasurable hell. Once you learn how to fight back and stop dragging your feet, you’ll see a brighter tomorrow.”

Jason also says that the addiction of spending money can be compared to nicotine addiction or gambling. If you’re the spouse who’s having this problem, you need to immediately seek professional advise – And the best place to get it so far at a minimal cost is AKPK. When ML asked Jason about whether or not they should be seeking more justifiable methods of combating the family financial crisis, John said:

“It’s already daunting enough to be slapped with hordes of unknown bills in a sudden, what more current ones. In my opinion, the first step should be reviving that trust and then work together for a better future. Getting angry and throwing hurtful words/actions would only worsen things that are bad enough, and if both recover emotionally quick enough, there’s always a way around debts.”

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