What are my returns on structured investments?

Need more examples for KLIBOR structured investments? Here you go.

ML’s previous post pertaining KLIBOR and structured investments should’ve told you how it works – If KLIBOR rates are within the agreed band of interest rate (by you and the banking institution), you will receive positive returns on investments, whereas if KLIBOR rates are anywhere outside of the agreed band of interest rate, it will remain stagnant (no ROI).

For example:

If Lim invests RM1,000 on structured investments at bank A, principal protected, at an agreed band of 3%-4%, and its underlying assets are 3-month KLIBOR rate, interests are payable to Lim only if KLIBOR rates are within 3%-4% per annum, until the product has reached its maturity level. If interest rates are 4.15%, then Lim will not be reimbursed of his investments.


  1. Principal Protected investments usually consist of balanced high and low risk assets, whereupon risks involved in principal protected investments are lower, but ROI is also lower.
  2. Non-principal protected investments are usually of high risk, but ROI is higher.

Subject to many different types of underlying assets, you need to look and see which is the best time to throw your money and invest, get the returns in years to come and make some profit out of it.

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