Malaysia for my second home?

The MM2H programme, initiated by the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia has seen its indulgence in the market since 1996. What happened 12 years later, in the promotional effort of the Malaysian government for the tourism sector here in Malaysia?

Everybody loves Malaysia for its natural riches and natural-disaster-free-nature; very much unlike many other Asian or ASEAN countries where natural streams of magics are been cast or curses of politicians rule the whole country, making it not economical and egronomically healthy. KL, in the verge of expanding into a high-tech society like Tokyo or Shanghai would still like to preserve some of its natural reserves. The federal government has asked to do it.

Originally named “Silver Hair Programme“, the renamed version of this program is now Malaysia My Second Home, which takes on the public eye view starting 2006. Its main target market are retired personnel.

What are the ‘special benefits‘?

Up to date, there has been a misconduct of understanding for the MM2H program; since many people do not understand how this programme works best for them. Looking at our own Malaysian CPI (Consumer Price Index) which has skyrocketed on May 2008, it’ll be partially incorrect to say, “Yes, goods in Malaysia are hideously cheap and fun to play with.”

Looking at our inflation rate, prices of raw ingredients, petrol, etc, it can be concluded that Malaysia is not THAT cheap to live in anymore, although here could be one of the cheapest place to live in. Depending on which currency the foreigner is bringing into Malaysia, it varies.

(Of course, we can still get a big pack of nasi lemak here in Malaysia for RM1.00 – Ask us where!)

MM2H Programme Benefits


  1. Investment Opportunities.
    We cannot deny that the Malaysian market is still not very mature, and there are a lot of niches many of the common industries we’re in, today.
  2. Excellent weather.
    Not for all, but for those who loves the hot and wet climate.
  3. Natural disaster free.
    Seriously, no storms, no earthquakes, no tornadoes, no volcanoes, etc.
  4. Lower cost of living.
    As compared to countries like Japan, Australia, the UK, the US, New Zealand, etc.
  5. Lower property prices.
    The property market (before June 2008) has seen its significant value of rise in countries like Thailand, Croatia, Panama and so forth. Malaysia? We bet it’s cheaper.
  6. Visa and Social Visit Pass
    Multiple social visit passes and 10 years in Malaysia? Cool.
  7. Property purchase lubricated.
    Anything above RM250,000 for a property purchase in Malaysia (depending on the location, up to date from 2006), you are ‘system-control’ lubricated. No need for permissions or extra forms.
  8. Tax Exemption
    Foreign income for foreigners are non-taxable, and retirement pension remitted into Malaysia is tax free.

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