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Do you know all of the home loans available in Malaysia? At least know the categories. ML explains them all.

Malaysia is not affected by the recent subprime mortgage crisis that is dampening the financial market globally – At least not so much. Simply for the fact that our finances are not very exposed to the global financial market. Some would say we made the right choice, some would say we’re still immature, financially. Whatever it is, you as the end-user must always benefit first, and this is what MHL is looking to provide. We’re talking about types of home loans in Malaysia today.

What home loans are available in Malaysia?

  1. Fixed Rate Home Loans
    Suits borrowers who wish to enjoy a peace of mind and be protected from increases in interest rates. Lock in at one of the lowest rates in history.
  2. Hybrid Home Loans
    Rates are going up, but what goes up must come down. Enjoy fixed rates for a few years and revert to floating rates subsequently.
  3. Most Flexible Home Loans to 100 years
    A loan that assists in meeting your financial needs
  4. Fast Approval Home Loans
    Home loan that is designed with the best interest rates, flexible financing, easy repayment terms and immediate approval.
  5. Islamic Home Loan Packages
    Syariah compliant Housing Loans.
  6. Investors’ Home Loan Packages
    Buy and sell, then turn in a quick profit. Check out loans with zero or low ‘Lock-In’ periods. These loans allows you to sell the property and pay off the loan early without penalties.
  7. Floating Rate Home Loan Packages
    Packages with Interest Rates being pegged to ‘Discounted’ BLR throughout the entire loan tenure.
  8. 0% Interest Home Loans
    0 payment in the first year.
  9. High Flex Home Loan Packages
    A Loan and Checking Account combined into 1. The more money you have in deposit, the lower interest you pay on the loan. Allows pre-payments and withdrawals of pre-paid amounts anytime. Suits business / self-employed people.
  10. Zero Moving Cost Home Loans
    Minimize your initial capital outlay. Lender pays for Loan Documentation Fee, Valuation Fee and Stamp Duty.
  11. Low Deposit Home Loans
    Low on deposit? Check out loans that offer high Margin Of Finance. May benefit 1st Time Owners.

These home loan packages are tailored to suit any of your loan needs. Most of the banks today do that. In order to compete with each other, now they’re offering lower rates, better deals and greater value to their borrowers.

The mortgage and financial consulting services are offered to you FREE of charge without any obligations. Kindly contact us or email to consultant@malaysialoan.com.my if you need any enquiry. Thank You.

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