Are my banknotes damaged, devalued and cannot be used?

Worry not! Bank Negara Malaysia is here to help you claim your value back – That’s if you love your money ENOUGH.

Damage Thai Banknotes (Fire)

Bank Negara Malaysia has this great service called Assessment of Mutilated Notes and better yet, they can replace your defaced notes for you under certain circumstances. Seriously, if you love your note as much as you love your wife or yourself, you need not fear, as Bank Negara Malaysia will show his love back to you.

So much for burnt notes or worse, it went into the toilet bowl and stuck on your excraments.
Here are some ‘conditions’ provided by BNM to evaluate if your notes are replacable, or has lost its value.

Damaged (Mutilated) banknotes that has it appearance changed, by accidental contact with water, oil, paint, ink or similar substance or by a note whole by itself, being able to identify as RINGGIT MALAYSIA, the banknote, when presented to BNM officials.

You can request for a replacement of banknotes:

  • Full replacement value
    The size of the banknote is two thirds (2/3) of its original note
  • Half replacement value
    The size of the banknote is more than half (1/2) but less than two thirds (2/3) of its original note
  • No value
    The size of the banknote is less than half (1/2) of its original note

Defaced banknotes: Banknotes that contain words, signs, symbols, drawing, caricatures or any written or drawn materials visible on the banknote.

  • Full replacement value
    The banknotes have minor drawings – Such as a line of pen mark on the note.
  • No replacement value
    When there are drawings in a ‘special’ way – On the face of Yang di-Pertuan Agong, political slogans or banknotes written to transmit information or drawings.

Bad condition of banknotes: This applies to when notes are burnt, decay caused by sitting in water, or animal wounds – Which then BNM officials will evaluate thoroughly.

You can get the form to reproduce banknotes from BNM here.
Read the guidelines on reproducing banknotes.

Files are in *.PDF format.
Download Adobe Reader if your computer cannot support PDF files.

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