Homeowners and Householders Insurance and Takaful

Securing your goods, property and home with the homeowners insurance could be one of the most valuable purchase made in your entire life. But first, understand what this home insurance is all about first

Home insurance (also termed Homeowner Insurance, Householder Insurance or Houseowner Insurance) is an insurance policy that combines liability coverage for a homeowner together with protection from damages caused by theft, natural disasters, accidents, vandalism and other risks. It’s an important policy every homeowner should have while purchasing a Malaysian Property.

In Malaysia, there are three main types of homeowner insurance policies:

1. Homeowners Fire Insurance Policy

Coverage areas limited to BUILDING ONLY and covers loss or damage caused by fire, explosions or lightning strikes.

2. Houseowners Insurance Policy

Inclusive of Homeowners Fire Insurance Policy, which includes coverage of loss and damage caused by aircraft, flood, overflowing water tanks, burst pipes, theft, windstorm, earthquake and flood.

3. Householders Insurance Policy

Coverage areas includes household contents and injury coverage to the person insured.

These policies can be bought separately and/or together. For a comprehensive coverage for your house as well as the contents, you should buy a houseowner policy as well as a householder policy. Suppose your Malaysian Property is under financing, the financier may require you to take up a the MRTA (Mortgage Reducing Term Assurance) policy to cover the interest of the financier.

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