What is your NETT WORTH?

Calculating your NETT WORTH is essential in determining your current financial status. Here are some tips to help you remember those assets and debts.

Estate Planning is a tough job. Not only to financial consultants (when reviewing your income) but to also household citizens. But the one most important step to take FIRST before anything else is to know your financial worth – Give a figure to that.

What you can do with this list of items here is to actually add and subtract them – What’s there in your ASSET is to count its surplus and DEBTS to be subtracted from the total value (of balance).

Financial Assets

1. Current Account
2. Savings Account
3. Mutual Funds
4. Stocks
5. Bonds
6. Face value of Life Insurance Policy
7. Trust funds
8. EPF savings
9. Equity value of business
10. Other investments
11. Money people owe you
12. Value of Home
13. Value of Car
14. Home furnishings
15. Collectibles
16. Jewelry

Financial Debts

1. Credit card
2. Student Loans
3. Mortgage
4. Personal loans
5. Car Loans
6. Home equity loans
7. Life insurance loans
8. Loans against investment
9. Life insurance loans
10. Miscellaneous loans

When you’ve successfully attained these figures and subtract the total value of Financial Assets to Financial Debts, you’ll know what your NETT WORTH is like.

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