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Its beautiful beaches, intimate cultures, caressing zephyr and cheap land prices attracted many villains to the beautiful country close to heart – The warmth of people provoked more beauty than anything else in the world.

Next to San Jose, Costa Rica and Medellin is the beautiful Panama, lying in the middle of North and South of America, almost too close to where the general public refer to as Mexico.

Its beauty knew no boundaries, as they stack happiness, cleanliness, robust green-ness and so much more, all packed into a single dimple of quality land. Panama’s government introduced tourism in Panama for more than a decade now, and has attracted many people to live the beautiful, country lifestyle they’ve always wanted to. Looking at huge cities like New York, Makati, Perth and London, which are very much crowded by foreigners, people are now looking to move on to the next step: Home away from home.

There are certain deciding factors to move to Panama:

  1. Leading a healthier lifestyle.
  2. Enjoy the beautiful scenery, together with beautiful people and rich culture.
  3. The ability to adapt to changes quickly.
  4. Reasonable cost of living and forget the busy old town.
  5. Safe country to live in.
  6. Great for investing in.
  7. Good business opportunities.
  8. Great weather.

Panama’s great for people who wants to laze their days away in a country where simplicity and culture stands hand in hand. While it’s very much referred to being a beautiful countryside expedition, Panama would be best for people who wants to look for a place to spend the rest of their lives, or explore business opportunities like real estate or property investments.

Currently, Panama’s GDP is around $23.33 billion and ranks 110 in the world, looking at a sharp swing of boost in the economy. Foreign investments in Panama, carrying mainly American and European investors are growing rapidly over the years. Somehow in some way, Panama might be losing a lot of its cultural richness now.

If you’re looking to invest in Panama, do so immediately. Price hikes has seen in the Panamanian real estate industry which had over 4-folds in value over the past decade. From US$80,000 to US$200,000, and US$200,000 to US1,000,000.

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