Living in France – What about Tioman?

Before even settling your home loan mortgage, you’d probably already consider moving elsewhere, out of your country, into someone else’s, forever and ever. Thinking about that Malaysia home loan makes you go crazy. What does it take to live in France?

Eiffel Tower

France The country that introduced champagne, wine, le haute cuisine, gastronomique greatness, and mostly Camembert cheese, is a place you might want to dwell in the suburbs for the rest of your life or dream being in it. It’s a kind of sip-champagne-under-moonlight kind of dream, almost too fancy for an average wage earner — Not to mention la baguette, croissant and that 2006 Sauvignon Blanc you’ve been putting an eye on for months now.

Would it be extremely difficult to move into a country so well-protected by its government in terms of legal issues, economic growth, security and cultural balances? After all, applying for your Malaysian home loan in Pulau Tioman could just be your dream come true — A few papers, one agent, two banks, and poof! You’re all set. Previously when we were talking about Real Estate in Panama, we laid a few points out for you to do your preliminary self-check not to see if you’re eligible, but to see if you’re prepared enough to take what these beauties have to offer.

INSEE – National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies – France

While retirement could be extremely daunting at times (when you look at your stack of collective debts/mortgages), probably from getting yourself refinanced, all hopes and dreams could be shattered. Worry less, think further. If you’re around 25 and have scattered all over this blog, you might just stand a chance.

Malaysia could be your better choice for property investment in terms of convenience,but lacks in cultural difference, community culture, lifestyle, economic growth and so forth. Sometimes, instead of just looking outside for better living, you could look also at places like Malaysia Top 10 Property Developers Ranked by The Edge. It’s your choice.

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