Shopping for Home Loans?

Malaysia home loans are very salable now. But this shopping could be your most expensive shopping experience ever – And you’ll have to shop with care. How do you do that?

Shopping for home loans aren’t as simple as driving downtown to a hypermarket, grab a package of home loan and chuck it into your shopping cart – Then paying at the counter. It involves much processes, and adequate understanding on how things would work best for your life based on your POCKET SIZE. There are 406 Malaysia home loans available in 26 banks across the country and thousands of real estate agents/officers around the country.

Malaysia Home Loan Shopping

1. Start by using this home loan calculator.

From there, you can get a wealth of updated information regarding all of 406 home loans available in Malaysia.

2. Next, calculate your DSR yourself.

DSR – Debt Service Ratio is something the bank takes into consideration before approving your home loan.

3. Check your personal finance.

Applying for a loan / Purchasing a property takes a lot of money. So before you decide, consider your wallet from now to 30 years later.

4. Remember your fees.

Downpayment can cost from 10-20%, and also don’t forget common fees. You may want to check out EPF funding too.

5. Check out the market value for your property to identify Margin of Finance.

Of course, this could also vary. The best bet is to check with your financial institution providing you the home loan. Margin of Finance can jump up to 95% on certain conditions.

6. Study loan features

Before you sign anything or start paying for anything, be sure to study your home loan appropriately. Consult your legal practitioner if you’re unsure.

7. Understand House Loan Repayment

Click on the above link and read about the repayment schemes available today.

8. See if you’re interested in MRTA

Mortgage Reducing Term Assurance is something you should consider. Click on the above and see if you’re really interested.

9. Know your rights as a borrower.

Read more below.

    Borrower’s Rights & Duties

    As a smart home loan shopper, knowing your own rights and the right way of doing things is always the key to better shopping experience.

    a) In any event the contract between you and the financial institution is breached, you may take legal action.
    b) You have the right to attain accurate information provided by the financial institution regarding any agreement, payment terms and so forth.
    c) You have the right to be treated without prejudice, stereotypically, professionally and with courtesy.
    d) You have the right to be consulted of any changes made to any part of your agreement in the terms and conditions area.
    e) You have the right to access all information that will affect your attainment of home loan.

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