Applying a Malaysia home loan is much more difficult than it seems. However, now providing you with a cool tip: Calculating my debt ratio (in percentage)

Getting your Malaysia home loan is a task you should consider very much beforehand. That will probably tie you up in debt for a long period of time. But says who being tied up in debts are entirely bad? In Malaysia home loan’s older posts discussed certain techniques to consider when you’re in debt — And that could help you less endanger yourself tied up by mortgages.

Your DEBT RATIO can be calculated this way:

(FIXED loan repayment (monthly) / Gross monthly income ) * 100
= (1500 / 4000) * 100
= 37.5%

Unfortunately, before you could borrow some money, your creditors will take a look at your debt ratio before deciding. And until then, you will have to save up and spend wisely. For your convenience, we’ve added a few tips for you to follow.

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  1. Kelvin

    What is the ideal debt service ratio? i have tried to talk to my bankers but as usual – their answers are rather disappointing.


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