Is my hard work not paying off well? I’m always broke —

Key economic indications of an individual’s finances could be well measured and analyzed annually – But where does the extra money go to? How come everyone don’t seem to remember why, what or how the money was spent?

Maybe you did spend on your home loan in Malaysia. Or Mastercard bills. But you just can’t remember where the whole load of extra money was spent — Or maybe your financial records don’t tally with the amount of valuable papers in your wallet. Many fail to foresee apt debts and could be susceptible to monetary problems for that particular period of time.

If you’ve read Malaysia home loan (this) website long enough, you might have already remember many on-the-line tips that try to help you manage your money — Even with our home loan consultants telling you how to actually manage your money better.

But you’ve read — And implemented. Why are you still facing financial problems when it comes to analyzing your money for the whole year?

Take a look at the current trend we’re living in today. During the past decade, Malaysia faced a massive economic downturn — And yet, according to the BLR chart, the period between ’97 to ’00, Malaysia faced a stunning improvement.

Now: Why hard work does not equate to financial progress?
Simply because throughout a year, inflation rocks our financial stability.

At average, paid workers’ salaries actually grew very much slower than inflation does. 2007 recorded a 3.80% of inflation rate, bearing a 26.67% change/rise from 2006 (3.00% inflation). While 2008 could just be a better year, the recent RM2.70 hike could just let Malaysians experience a massive increment of prices and force them to live a more expensive lifestyle.

Stretching your budget over a long period of time by refinancing mortgages could not be the perfect thing to do under certain circumstances, but if your debt huge, you might as well consider them. But have you every thought about where did your money probably go to? Have you done proper financial management?

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