Are you being DUMB with your MONEY?

With the rising inflation and cost of RM2.70, how would you justify if an average wage earner is being stupid on utilizing his money or it’s a rising inflation?

So where do you SPEND your money?

Looking at the hike of fuel in the country now could mean two things — A great economic boost for certain industries, increased living cost of the community in large, stronger Ringgit value, pricier standard of living and so forth. Instead of looking at things in short, let’s look at the heavier, long term value of the price hike and settle down for a peaceful retreat rather than charging into the Malaysian whitehouse.

Managing your debts could be the next best thing you ought to do. Since many of us always want to avoid the ULTIMATE B-, you better start focusing on it. Because smart BUDGETING could mean a whole lot of difference. Take 5 minutes of your time to read through this DEBT MANAGEMENT guide and save thousands of RINGGIT today.

  1. Read/Study/Manage/Optimize your BUDGET. Make sure you’re cutting down on unnecessary items like eating out, new electronic gadget, jewelry, collectibles, new car, high speed internet connection, cable TV, etc.
  2. C-U-T away that CREDIT CARD & budget less than minimum for it. Credit cards offer you the kind of expenditure power you might not afford and which you will (kind of abuse it. It’s a disease, it’s not your fault). Instead of being susceptible to this ultimate power and pay a heavy price, take an angel’s advise and repent for your financial sins. Also see Debt Consolidation Calculator.
  3. Start/Maintain an Emergency Fund. An unexpected nosedive of income can result in a heavier budget burden. Always be alert and keep emergency funds.
  4. Pay off your debts when you have that extra cash.
  5. Work harder. Get a part time job or work overtime to get something done.
  6. Limit your spendings. Sometimes, eating roti canai and teh tarik is better than ham, egg, cheese and mushroom for your breakfast. Also, you might consider cooking at home more rather than eating out.

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