Fast money NOW! – Are they really RELEVANT?

You might have heard of fast money making schemes’ that are on the wild today, with tips and tricks on how to create a better symphony of cashflow. But, what are the details behind these schemes?

Pyramid schemes are probably what you’ve heard over the years. It’s totally impossible to achieve that figure and yes, it has been proven to be totally irrelevant. At the end of the day, you’ll realize that the bottom thousands are actually feeding the first top in a pyramid graph. Still don’t understand? Take this formula for example.

Level A = 6
(Six members down the line)
Level X = A^2
(Level X is the square of Level A, assuming the next level has another 6 members each)

Meaning to say

Level 1 = 6
Level 2 = 36
Level 3 = 216
Level 4 = 1,296
Level 5 = 7,776
And so forth.
(Cited from Wikipedia “Pyramid Scheme“)

While there is another called the Work-At-Home scheme, where these fraudsters target people desperate for money or in need extra monetary expense. You can see these ads everywhere – From lamp posts to apartment lifts to the ‘bengkel’ motor in your town. There’s no saying that these appealing stuff are legitimate, but proceed with caution in order to avoid unnecessary loss of money, property, time and effort.

Most of these schemes expect you to SELL – Which in return, top level personnel reap the biggest cut of sales either by selling confidential databases, reaping profit from your effort, building a larger network of fraudulent community and secretly churning you to solitary confinement; all at the cost of a few drops of saliva and a large shared profit margin promise.

In layman’s terms, these could be concluded this way:

  1. When a larger network of this scheme grow, it’s almost merely impossible to kill off competition. Imagine having 10 operating systems company (for example, Microsoft Windows) offering same benefits at a specific region (Malaysia). Logically, would you even jump on the bandwagon?
  2. How often do you speak of the truth? If you can be bad, what about businessmen?
  3. Empty promises are one but your worst nightmare.
  4. Why do you even have to pay for working materials when you work with someone else?
  5. When a pay is too good to be true, it probably is.

Well then you’d probably face:

  1. Loss of money/assets
  2. Loss of job(s)
  3. Damaged reputation
  4. Legal issues

But if you look at it on the bright side, you’ll probably realize that after all, there’s a lesson learn. That every man could be greedy for gold, but not all are aggressive. Still..

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