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Dissatisfied with your bank, or did someone just ran a credit card fraud but your bank just don’t take your heat with them? Or maybe there’s a banking error nobody wants to take the blame? Use your PARANG head.

As a smart consumer, taking your heat off with the parang (machete) won’t help you any more than getting yourself locked up in prison. Don’t frown, as there are many other ways get things done the more humane way. Instead of looking for a lawyer immediately, take some time to read this FOUR (4) simple steps to a humane banking complain.

1. Banking Complain: Analyze and address your issue(s)

Before rocking the boat, get your details and smack them into a notepad – Make sure all of your dissatisfactions and hatred is penned down on the notepad. Give them a phone call and address your issue(s) politely. Treat bank staffs with respect and they shall, in return treat you with respect, too.

Remember that as a consumer, you have the right to express any dissatisfaction over any bad/flawed/negative services provided. Refer your case directly to the complains officer or any appropriate bank staff handling this matter, and move on from there. Usually, problems don’t end here.

2. Banking Complain: Follow up and be stern

Sometimes, not all Spartans are born warriors. If you do not receive reply/feedback from the bank, follow up with the call and politely remind them. Try not to throw a piece of your mind just yet; sometimes bank employees can be very busy.

Should there be null response or your problems still cannot be resolved after a heated debate (still without the parang), it’s time to move on further to the top. Keep your voices up but polite, be stern about your issue and make things clear and concise. Now, it’s time to write in an official complain. Process will approximately take around 2 weeks for write-in complains.

  • P/S: Be sure to also send a carbon copy to anyone relevant (above the head) you wish to address to.

3. Banking Complain – Receiving response

After a certain period of time and all of the bank processes has been done, a letter will be sent back to you for future reference or next action. During this period of receiving time, you’ll have to see if your problems are actually resolved or not. Deciding what to do next depends on what kind of problems were you facing: Whether or not it’s complicated; and also the type of complain and how you handle them.

You’ll receive a ‘deadlock’ letter should your problem(s) remain resolve pending. A deadlock letter means the bank is unable to resolve your issue due to certain circumstances and so forth. (Reasons will be mentioned). If you’re really still dissatisfied, you can take your case to Bank Negara Malaysia or Financial Mediation Bureau.

Take this deadlock letter, complete a form that enables your banking institution to disclose any confidential financial information related to the case, then head on to either BNM or FMB.

4. Banking Complain – Seek legal counsel

Both BNM and/or FMB will help you resolve your problem(s) appropriately. If you still cannot find a solution to the problem(s), ask your lawyer to come along and take this case to the court.

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