An average earner might just suffer emotional imbalances during the retirement period due to critical financial considerations. What might just be the choice – To continue owing the bank or to actually OWN the PROPERTY?

Honestly speaking, it’s great to know that you’ve been cleared of debts — Particularly quick debts like credit cards and car loans. But some decisions made in your life just right before you hit the retirement age could do serious psychological damage. For example, refinancing and home mortgages.

Living in the comfort of knowing that you’re clear of any obligations could be the next best thing to the dream holiday in Santorini; since you’re paying more for the interest rather than the principal.

The degree to which you achieve an after tax investment return greater than the after tax cost of your mortgage depends on the return (risk) characteristics of your investment strategy and the vagaries of global markets.

After all, you might just expect an after-tax return of your investment and your strategy should have the potential to outperform your mortgage rate, otherwise why take the risk and blow your other retirement away? While low cost mortgage debt provides the opportunity for investors to experience potentially higher returns of the markets, with this opportunity comes risk.

Loads of people today refinance to historically low interest rates over the past few years. If not, the opportunity to lock in at a thirty year rate below 6%, and an even lower fifteen year rate, still exists for the time being.

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