EXPENSIVE movie outings?

Challenging your wallet won’t do you any good – Bigger things like car loans or Malaysia home loan wouldn’t kill you — But the huge killers are actually petty items that didn’t catch your attention.

1. Check out almost nameless theaters.

Cathays’ are a good way to leverage your spending margin on movies, especially when your vibes tell you that you need to go again to the cinema to catch the latest action of Arnold in Rambo XII. You’ve watched Rambo I – XI, but never before XII. You’re a cinemaholic. You just need the action.

But you can always find around your areas little cathays that are relatively small but worth the bucks. Besides, you get to eat something else rather than those expensive popcorns (the ones that kept your wallet thirsty because of ethanol)

Says who you can’t eat muruku while watching Arnold scream his way off to gunshots in Rambo?

2. Forget e-Reservation, and stop being lazy.

Certain theaters in Malaysia charge reservation fees – And this could not be worth your wallet size, especially when you’re saving up to buy that new Mercedes Benz or Lavendar 2-story house. Seriously, every ringgit counts.

3. Go healthy and hearty, save your wallet and stomach.
Eating popcorns could give you great health benefits — But when it comes to commercial popcorn which (many don’t buy the light ones) and also when it comes to fats and sugar, you’d better stay away from it even if you’re not a cinemaholic. Because when you need popcorn, you need Coke. When you need Coke and Popcorn, you need Ringgit.

Go healthy. Keep that RM10 for one large sized popcorn set and catch Arnold’s action with your imagination, not mouth. If you really still need the mouth-eyes-brain action, buy them in bulks/large sets. You can save more ringgit that way.

4. Party in the cinema.

Buying individual tickets won’t kill you now, but when you look at your spendings for movies per annum, don’t be surprised that you can even use that to refinance mortgages. Seriously, pile up a bunch of your friends or family, get GSC to sell 50 tickets at a reduced price.

  • Catch: You can’t watch premiered movies! You’ll have to hold your horses and lay low for a while. Psst– I don’t encourage piracy.

5. Watch the preview to satisfy your thirst.

Some cinemas would let you preview movies at no cost at all. Take the chance, watch that 5-10 minute preview and get on with life. If previews are too much for your hormones to handle, rent-a-movie instead.

6. Watch out for promotional offers and contests.

Getting your shoes on when contests are near could just win you free movie tickets to your “I’ve been waiting this to show for ages” movie. Joining contests wouldn’t hurt – At the very end, both advertisers and end-users gain. So, blame it on luck if you don’t get it or blame it on yourself if you did badly.

7. Secure off-peak times.

If you have the need/crave to get it the action on in the cinema, check out off-peak cinema showtimes. Usually cinemas offer cheaper ticket prices during non-peak times. You can go in the morning and enjoy a RM9 rebate for two, or maybe on days when tickets are only 60% of the price. Timing is of the essence – And why are you still keeping the tradition of dating in the evening/night?

8. Be the loyal, uh, servant


Joining as a club member could bring you tons of benefits – Benefits non-members and strangers don’t get. As a movie-goer, this is a must. You’ll pay a huge price for saving your effort by swinging along the cinema just like that.

At the end of the day, you’ll finally realise that you could actually accumulate your spendings into a huge amount, and that can be used for so many other reasons like loan repayment or so forth. Why blame hell when you’re the devil?

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